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Social Media

20, May, 2015

Boss Racing has many social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and our own YouTube channel. We use these to share news, pictures and videos, offers, events and competitions!

Social media is really important to us as it allows us to keep all of our fans updated with how the race team is doing whilst we are at the track. It also allows us to showcase all the other services we offer, and to welcome new customers. Whilst we are currently perceived as just a race team, we also offer many other services as our website shows! These include garage services, an in-house engine shop and we work with both race and road cars.

Our Facebook has lots of our racing pictures and updates on there, as well as customer reviews, so please do check them out! Twitter is great for us, it allows us to share things that we find on the internet for all our car fans as well as updating you with our going-ons. Instagram is full of cars, our race and track day hire cars, customers race cars as well as customers cars in our garage! And finally, and obviously, our YouTube channel has a whole host of videos that have been taken form our cars, showing races or track day laps. You can see our Caterham C400 do a lap of the Brands Hatch Indy circuit in 56 seconds!

We are looking to get as many ‘Likes‘, ‘Followers‘ and ‘Subscribers‘ to keep growing our social media base, so please do share our page with your friends. We don’t want any race or Caterham enthusiasts missing out on anything they might like, plus you never know when or who might need a four wheel alignment!

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to our social media pages and start sharing!
We don’t want you missing out on competitions or events!


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Creating the Website

26, Oct, 2014

At the end of July we had a great day at Brands Hatch doing a photo shoot with the full Boss Racing fleet. I must admit, I do think it looks impressive. We had such a good day for it, the sun really brings out the signature Boss colour, fluorescent red. So we piled down to Brands, the team, friends, family and obviously the photographer, Ben Bonello.

The aim of the day was to get everything from the cars that we needed for the website, all the pictures and the videos of the cars in action, which you can see here. So most of the pictures you will be seeing on the website and on promotional material such as our leaflets and banners, are photos from that day.

So what have we been up to since July I hear you ask. Well, it has been a hard slog for our website designer, photographer and general all rounder Ben, getting everything together and actually creating this website. Michelle has chasing up loose ends and pushing Colin and Rob well out of their comfort zones. And Colin and Rob have been carrying on with the business as usual, with current customers as well as doing what they do best. Racing.

So that is the story so far. This website is being finished, while we have the old one up, and signing people up for our launch discount and our mailing list, which you can join here. We have our social media pages up and working now which are constantly being updated; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All the trophies we keep winning just makes our Instagram look better and better!

The Boss Racing Fleet

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