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What’s in your garage? March 2016

14, Mar, 2016

The 2016 season is fast approaching and the garage is full to the brim with all sorts of vehicles at the moment. We have race and road cars, Caterhams, tin tips and TVRs all over the shop, as well as various engines and parts! As per normal it’s pretty manic in here but that’s just how we like it!


Peter Hargroves Caterham

In the Caterham department we obviously have our own familiar white and red cars to prepare to get back out on tack, and this year Hugh Coulter will be driving one too! The Caterhams that we run for out customers are also being worked on, with Christian Pittard getting a nice new orange metallic one and his brother Johnny’s black one is also being prepped. Another one we have in the garage at the moment Peter Hargroves Caterham which races in the BARC sevenesque series and his car is recovering from a crash at Brands Hatch at the last meeting so it will be in great shape for the new season.


Chris Whitemans Honda

We have two tintops in the garage at the moment which is a welcomed change. One is of a long term customer and friend, Chris Whiteman. His Honda is in being prepared for the CSCC season ahead. The other one belongs to a new customer, Andy Banham who races his Subaru Impreza in the BARC Quaife Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship. He is a successful driver having been Class runner up in both 2014 and 2015, so here’s hoping 2016 is his year!

And that’s just the race cars in the garage! We also offer full garage services for road cars, and below is a Caterham that we have just fitted freestyle suspension to.


Road car with Freestyle Suspension


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What’s in your Garage? April 2015

5, Apr, 2015

What's in your garage?

What’s in your garage?

The start of the racing season is a busy time for any garage, but here at Boss Racing it is manic! We have a range of road cars and race cars at the moment, and they’re not just Caterhams, we have TVRs as well! This is also a chance for us to showcase all of the garage services we offer.

Caterham wise we have three of our own cars to get ready this season, the familiar nose cones of Numbers 92 and 93 will be out on track, but also the debut of the newest addition to the team, Number 91, who should be making an appearance at Snetterton. This is alongside the three Caterhams that we run for our racing customers, Christian and Jonny Pittard, and Hugh Coulter. Christians car from last season, and the one he will be starting the 2015 season in is to the left in the picture, the grey number 45, his new CSR is on the first floor, painted but not completely built yet. Jonnys car is almost hidden from view behind his brothers, and Hughs is the white with blue stripe Caterham behind the front yellow one.

As ou may know we don’t just run Caterhams, we also have TVR customers. You can see one of Tim Davis’ TVRs to the right of the picture, his grey Tuscan which he drove to victory at Donington Park last weekend. At the back to the left, under the cover is Deans bright red Sagaris.

And that’s just the race cars in the garage! We also offer full garage services for road Caterhams, and the purple one under the ramp is just one of those we have at the moment.

And there’s plenty more cars that you can’t see in the picture, at least another 5! After counting we are sure we have 15 full cars, at least 3 in a state of repair and goodness knows how many spare parts dotted around the shop!

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