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The 2014 Racing Season Comes to an End

26, Nov, 2014


The 2014 racing season had a lot to live up to, and it certainly did that!

In 2013 Colin and Rob cleaned up at the Classic Sports Car Club awards at the dinner and dance. They were racing in the Magnificent Sevens, and they shared the car Number 95. Colin finished first in class, with Rob coming second in class, and Colin was also the overall CSCC Group 2 winner.

The 2014 season brought with it new challenges, the Boss Racing fleet had grown, with four cars racing under the Boss banner. Colin and Rob in car #92 and Mark Rider in car #93 in Boss Racing colours, as well as brothers Johnny and Christian Pittard.  And there were three more cars running with Boss engines. Another challenge were the few DNFs (Did Not Finish) that Colin and Rob experience with car # 92.

The 2014 season results unexpected but great news to the whole team. Colin won the Magnificent Sevens class again, and Rob was second in class. (This is a sore subject to Rob, keep coming in behind Colin!) Winning and coming Second in class for two years in a row shows that Boss Racing truly dominates their class in the CSCC.


The Boss Racing TVRs also had a great 2014 season.
Tim Davis was crowned class A champion and Dunlop TVR champion, and Dean Cook  was crowned class A+ champion, after his seven wins this year


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